"Interviewee par Nancy Roc, elle dit que l'incompetence existe...

Tiba - March 6 2011, 12:18 PM

"Interviewee par Nancy Roc, elle dit que l'incompetence existe dans le camp de Martelly et elle ne pourrait meme envisager quel poste qu'il pourrait donner a Mr. Martelly s'il est elue Presidente De La Republique."

Well! well! well! a friend of mine, who is a monkey living in the African jungle (for safety reason, I will not give the precise location of the jungle), read that very statement and started laughing.

When I asked him what was so funny, he said, well, this woman who holds a Ph.D is really a disgrace to all those with a Ph.D because she doesn't seem able to spell the word "INCOMPETENCE" let alone understad the real meaning of the word.

I took that statement to a great insault and so I said, "hold on here smarty pants" this woman went to Sorbone, you know! Mr. Monkey said well if there was anyone, who would understand the real meaning of the incompence, it should be her because her husband and her (the Manigat family) were in power before.

They were living in the National Palace and they were as incompetent and mediocre as incompetent and mediocre be.

Keep in mind that I am somewhat slow to follow scholarly converstation from those with oversize brain like my friend the monkey, and so I humbly told him that I was lost in the translation to please talk in the simple language that I can understand.

The Monkey got very angry with me in a way that I have never seen him before, and he said to me, this is what you Haitians got for keep hanging on to senior citizens as your leaders.

This lady, Mirland Manigat is exhebiting a prime sign of dementia, amnesia, and alzheimer's because she cannot remember that her husband and her were ruling Haiti and had nothing to show for it.

Sweet Micky has never been president before nor held any public office before, how could she refer to Martely as incompetent?

And for a moment, I, too, had forgotten they were president of Haiti until that moment.

But this is the 70 year-old grandma Haitians seem to want to recycle as their president one more time.

What's wrong with Haitians?

Can they do anything right for once?


Madame Manigat: L'Incompetence Existe Dans Le Camp De Martelly -Nancy Roc

Interviewee par Nancy Roc, elle dit que l'incompetence existe dans le camp de Martelly et elle ne pourrait meme...

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