Don't you people have any brain at all? Haitians need to learn...

Tiba - March 9 2011, 6:27 AM

Don't you people have any brain at all?

Haitians need to learn how government works and learn the function of government as well so you, people, can stop sounding so ridiculous and ignorant.

Sergo, this is for you. Let me inform you that Bill Clinton, the former president of the United States of America, did file for banckruptcy while president during the Monica scandal.

Presidents do not borrow money as personal loans but as a government body. Who cares whether president Micky filed for bankruptcy?

His government will not borrow money from US banks but from Bank International of Development and International Monetary Funds (BID & IMF).

This was a little info for you and others who think Haiti is a US-state or a US-territory, and therefore, all US-laws apply or practice in Haiti and around the world.

Great number of Americans believe that crap too. They believe that all US-laws do apply around the world and that is why so many of them get themselves in so many sh8t when visiting foreign countries.

Being educated and being informed are 2 different things.

Be informed, people!

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