Mireille, Sadly to say it but Haitians do have a great...

Tiba - March 11 2011, 6:12 AM


Sadly to say it but Haitians do have a great facination for OLD people running their government.

The Haitian government has always been a megga NURSING HOME and always will be because Haitians do not understand the definition of old people's mental decapitation such as: Dementia, Amnesia, and alzheimer's disease, etc. etc...

if you look at Haiti's history, the government has always been running by a bunch of old people who cannot think or do anything for the country and its people.

But worst, Haitians are totally incapable to differentiate "Incompetence & Mediocrity from well educated, Ph.D." These brain dead Haitians seem to be extremely comfortable with an old senior citizen with a Ph.D as their president even though she cannot feed them, create employment for them, build any infrastructures, etc. etc...

Haitians don't need jobs, education, infrastructures, electricity, health care, etc. etc...

because they do NOT want to be self-sufficent, capable to do for themselves because they are a bunch of welfare recipients living off the diaspora's sweat.

All the want is someone to speak French to them all day and all night that they can't even understand, and they expect to find that in grandma, Mirlande.

The presidential debate has shown Haitians the clear picture of grandma's knowledge.

She doesn't know as much as previously thought despite her Ph.D. She doesn't know the function of any branch of the government that she wants to run.

To think "the senate is the nation's supreme court" what does that tell you?

The Manigat family ruled Haiti before and there is nothing to show for it and this is the same bunch Haitians are thinking about electing again.

What does that tell you about Haitian's brain capacity?

But there is one thing that I want my family in Haiti to know, and that is, "I am sick and tired working 2 jobs to support you and your families." It is time that you elect candidates who can provide you with jobs/employments so that you can fulfill your commitment and obligation to your own families because I have my own to support to.

If the Manigat family did not do anything for you when they lived at the National Palace, what makes you think they now will at their ages 70, 84....

If you want someone who is more likely and willing to take you off welfare (diaspora), I would advice Haitians to take a chance on Sweet Micky but if Haitians still want to keep living off the diaspora sweat and begging then we all know who they are going to vote for.

And that ladies and gentlemen is a damn shame!

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