Francine and the Brandt brothers

Linda - August 6 2007, 3:21 AM

How sad it is that you have decided, from your very safe and I am sure very affluent home in Canada, that these man should just be released.

It is sad that living in another country has not diminish you arrogance and your sense of entitlement--regardless of the harm caused.

Has the chaos and complete disintegration of your nation not taught you anything, or are you one of those who always think "it's someone else's fault" Let's see now, what would you like to see happen with this case?

Oh yes!! I got it!! Let's do it the old Haitian way--everybody turn around and pretend you didn't see anything; wait wait!! Here's some money to help you keep looking the other way. OK, now everything is fine with the world.

Should some money be sent to you too. Will that make things even better.

I wonder.

But maybe I'm wrong about all this. Maybe you are truly a concerned citizen who knows a lot about the legalities of the case; has inside documents on the case; is privy to hard evidence on the case. If that's all true, then I truly apologize for doubting your honest intent.

But in all fairness, with Haiti being the number one on the list of corrupt nations, can anyone really blame me for suspecting that your motives are not genuine.


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