The Distortion of Haitian's Perception Complicates Haiti's Direction!!!

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Yes, I said it!

Geography was my favorite subject.

It was a facinating and a very exciting subject to me. I studies the constellations (little and big dippers), the galaxies (all the planets and their locations), the atmosphere (the sun, the moon, and the north star) etc. etc and I could even predict the weather just by looking at the evening sky. I remember wating to be a Metrologist.

I also mastered "Les quatre points cardinaux: le nord, le sud, L'est et L'ouest" and today, those who know me well keep referring to me as a "Live GPS", thanks to what I had learned in school in Haiti.

I did not say all that just to do what we call "un etalaje de connaissance" but rather to make the following point.

I do believe that the distortion of Haitian's perception constitutes a real barier to Haiti's advancement because if we, as a people, do not understand direction it would then be difficult to bring any changes in Haiti, which I think has been the cause for the existing problems of Haiti.

For example, Haiti is located in the south of Miami (US), but when Haitians travel to Haiti, they constantly say that "They going up Haiti (Map moute Haiti).

" Hey man, "kile wap moute Haiti la?

Oh, map monte semen-n prochen!

Regardless where you live in US or Canada, traveling to Haiti, the plane goes south and not north.

My point is, if you can't tell directions how can you ever tell whether you moving foraward, backward, or just standing still?

And this is the dilemma Haitians have been facing with.

Everytime Haitians re-elect the same old, beat-up, brain dead, incompetent, and mediocre politicians into office is taking the country in the opposite direction because of their distorted perception of direction.

Can we now learn, or train ourselves to say "Nap desan-n Haiti (going down Haiti)" instead of the other way around?

Americans from any where in US don't never say "Yap monte Florida (going up Florida).

" They always say "they going down Florida because Florida is located in the south of the United Stated.

Get our Perception of Direction in order for the sake of the country.

Tiba, March 12 2011, 11:16 AM

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