Natif Natal, Nice try! this is to prove once again how brain...

Tiba - March 12 2011, 6:05 PM

Natif Natal,

Nice try! this is to prove once again how brain dead Mirlande Manigat and her supporters are. They do not understand any language let alone concepts.

You presented "Article 185 of the Haitian constipation, oops! my bad! I meant to say "constitution" that says "Le Senat peut s'eriger en Haute Cour de Justice."

I am not a languistic expert but you need to pay attention to the active verb "PEUT" s'eriger.

It doesn't say "EST" erige en Haut Cour the Justice.

"Peut" means it can happen but it doesn't happen yet. There must be a situation, a circumstance, a reason, or an event in order for the senate to be the acting Haute Cour.

The senate will become or take over the High Court in a case where the Haute Cour de Justice is no longer in function or exist.

There is a Haute Cour de Justice in function in Haiti, and therefore, the senate is not functioning as the dite corps.

In US, the vice president, Biden, is the president of the US-Senate.

In the event where the Supreme Court (The high court) is disolved, no longer in function, the US-Senate will be the acting High Court until the government appoints a new one in. But to say, the US-Senate is the High Court of the land would be the most ridiculous, moronic, and idiotic statement would anyone can make in this 21st century.

Once again "Pale franse pa di lespri pou sa."

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