LMAO! I am not impressed by your background AT ALL, I actually...

Natif Natal - March 13 2011, 3:18 PM

I am not impressed by your background AT ALL, I actually would have hidden the fact that I was a lawyer if I were you. 1 argument that's all: what you know about the High Court of Haiti?

So easy to actually look up, google it, wikipedia it!!!! Helpful hint: it's not in the US constitution! (just in case you did not know) Or did they not teach you how to do research at Florida State?

If you had actually bothered to learn about haitian law you would have seen from READING the 1987 Haitian constitution that the Senate "can" become the High Court of Justice, because the High Court of justice IS NOT A PERMANENT BODY!!!! It is only in called into session in SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES.

There are several sections in the constitution on the high court, not just article 185, so do your homework.

Your intellectual laziness surprises me, and you are a lawyer?

I know, this was probably not a question on the New York bar so maybe that's why you do not know it!!! Now if we look at our history of scumbag presidents, prime ministers etc...

this court should techinically be in session ALL THE TIME but that's for another discussion and it would probably be way over your little head. I mean the New York bar was sooooo tough, learning anything outside of that would probably burst your brain.

Degrees don't mean squat, George W. Bush graduated from Yale (way better than Florida State) and look at what we got! Bill Gates DROPPED out of Harvard (way better than Rutgers).


get the drift! It's not about the degrees it's what you do with what the knowledge you get! And DARLING you've got a loooong way to go...

I feel sorry for your haitian immigrant clients who may think they have an advocate in you but they actually have is a pretentious ____ who instead of understanding the complexicities of the haitian history to explain why some may not have achieved great knowledge/education and need INFORMED and PREPARED people to help them achieve these goals.

Unfortunately they are stuck with people like you who describes them as ___________ in public forums.

Call the Haitian presidential candidates names if you want, (they deserve most of them in my opinion!) BUT Respect the hard working Haitian people trying to make a better life for themselves and their families, after all many of them pay YOUR salary!

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Natif Natal, Darling you wish you could insult me. It...


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