Hey! uncle Toulimen, Please tell me this, where did the...

Tiba - March 13 2011, 4:20 PM

Hey! uncle Toulimen,

Please tell me this, where did the self-proclaimed constitutionalist expert/scholar, Mirlande, study the Haitian constitution?

Do they teach it at Sorbone, or did she only read it once and then became the expert-scholar minutes later?

Or did she study it in a school in Haiti?

If so, what school that was?

I know damn well the Haitian constitution has not been taught nor being taught in any school in Haiti.

How did she become an expert or scholar of the Haitian constitution?

Uncle Toulimen, I read the Haitian constipation once, oops! I did again, my bad! I meant to say "the Haitian constitution" once, does that mean I can consider myself as a constitutionalist expert-scholar?

And therefore, from this moment on, I want everyone to know that I am an expert-scholar of the Haitian constitutionand everytime I refer to the Haitian constitution in the future, I want everyone to know that I am talking as an expert/scholar.

Awesome! my mom should be very proud of me that I am now somebody!

Oh, no! can I really be an expert/scholar of the Haitian constitution even though I only have an high school education?

What the hec, in Haiti you can be anything you want to be even with a first grade education.

But wiht all seriousness, I'd really like to know where did Mirlande Manigat study the Haitian constitution that made her an expert scholar.

Please Toulimen, help!

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