Natif Natal, Time out! You said "the High Court of justice IS...

Tiba - March 13 2011, 5:10 PM

Natif Natal,

Time out!

You said "the High Court of justice IS NOT A PERMANENT BODY!" I agree with you on that one, but again no government body is permanent in Haiti.

The CEP has be temporary (provisoire) long before Jesus Christ was born amongt us and still is in this 21st century.

The prime minister is temporary because either the joint houses can get rid of him/her or the president can ban that post all together, etc. etc...

But come to think of it, does anyone know of any landmark case ever presented before Haiti's high court, argued by the dite court, and decided by the high court?

How many times in year the Haitian high court hold cessions, maybe NEVER!

What the use to have a bunch of hold senior citizens in the high court when they have nothing to argue about?

Haiti does not have a functioning government never have and probably never will. This is the prime manifestation of incompetence and mediocrity of the Haitian government.

My wish is to have the new government disolves/ban/scrap/get rid of/dismental the entire government structure and creat a new one from the scratch.

The constitution is not worth the paper it is written on and need to be scraped all together.

The entire government body needs reform.

For example, it is not in the Haitian culture, nor the Haitian political culture to have a "prime minister" as head of the government.

It is confusing, rediculous, and costly.

The prime minister post constitutes a constand volatile for potential vacuum and set back in the government function.

There most be a new constitution, which would call for governorship in all the nine(9) departments with some otonomy.

They will have the right to have their own police force, the right to bring business to their respective department, the right to have their own budget, the right to control their own ports, etc...

and compete for the central government financial package, etc...

The new constitution would call for all judges to get elected in order to have a fair and independent judicial system.

In so many words, there must be a government that reflect Haitian heritage/roots/culture, the value, and the principles of the Haitian people.

To be honest, I would really like Haiti to back and adopt the very first constitution.

For the past few decades, Haitians have tried so hard to adopt culture of other countries that we destroyed the very fabric of the Haitian culture and values.

Today, Haitians are confrontic with an identity crisis of magnitute proportion, and it's really a shame.

Today, in Haiti, children to play "lago (hide and sick) anymore.

Haitian don't assemble in the evening to tell tales anymore and that just to name a few. The legendary national tale of "Bouki ak Ti-Malice" is gone forever, etc. etc....

Haiti is swept off its culture and culture is what gives identity to a nation, a country, and to a people.

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