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Tiba - March 13 2011, 5:47 PM


You and Natif Natal need to get together and get your fact straight because he keep referring us all to Article 185 and you are referring us to article 97. And frankly, going from 185 to 97 is really a big jump.

I don't care about reading the constitution again and anymore because this piec of document is nothing bu a big constipation nuisance to Haiti and to all of us.

I was responding exactly to the interpretation of the scholar's comment, the great Mirlande Manigat and only, when she said "The Haitian senate "IS"(Est) the High Court/supreme court/Cour de Cassassion."

If the senat "IS" the High Court wht having a Cour de Cassassion for in the first place.

Doesn't mean Haiti has two(2) Supreme Courts?

No wonder why Haiti is so screwed up. Haiti would be the only country on the planet with two(2) High Courts.

Once again, as I explained earlier, I am NOT a languistic expert nor a scholar, but reading these 2 lines from the constitution, it doesn't say that the senate IS the High Court of Justice.

It mentiones the president of the senat as the chief of the HCJ and that the senate "CAN" become an acting High Court of Justice in case, in the event, in a situation, in a circumstance where the High Court of Justice is completely vacant, baned, no longer exist.

It work the same in US. The vice president, Joe Biden, is the president of the US-Senate.

In the case of a tied vote in the senate 50/50, the vice president, Joe Biden, as the president of the senate will break the tie by voting with his party on whatever it is.

But in no way, shape, and form, would anyone say let alone believe that the US-Senate "IS" the High Court of Justice of the United States.

Got it!

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unfortunately Mme Manigat is right... Please consult...


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