I had two courses on the Haitian Constitution from the First...

Toulimen - March 13 2011, 7:54 PM

I had two courses on the Haitian Constitution from the First Two years of Law School in Haiti and we did not really learn much about the new Haitian Constitution.

We had one exam question asking us to compare and contrast the Haitian Consitution of 1983 to the one dated 1987 which I did it to earn 90% of the grade for both years.

Basically, we had studied all the Haitian Constitutions from 1791 to 1987 and all we did were comparing and contrasting those pieces of documents.

Most of them are reproductions of the old ones and I don't know how many Haitian Constitution classes that Mirelande took at Sorbogne University to accredit her as a Haitian Constitutionalist expert.

It is sad to hear that because she has a doctorate degree but I will not myself ursurp such a title if I have not studied at all a subject like that. At Sorbogne University they are teaching a class on Progressive and Democratic Constitutions and another one on Comparative Laws which focus on several democratic advanced societies and not Haiti.

My former girlfriend had a law degree from Sorbogne University and she never told me that she studied the Haitian Constitution there.

I am emailing her to see if she could send me a copy of the courses that they are teaching there to publish it here so we all can detect if really her doctorate degree in political sciences could accredit her to be a constitutionalist expert in Haiti.

It is sad and the reason is Haiti is not able to know who has honorary doctorate degree and real doctorate degree.

Obama has earned an honorary doctorate degree at Notre Dame University after earning two masters and Bill Gate has received his honorary bachelor degree from Washington State University although he never attended school in that institution as compared to Obama who studied for two years at Notre Dame University.

Who knows if she has not earned an honorary degree in Venezuela for her services there instead of Sorbogne.

What I realize people with rich class status background from Haiti enjoyed a lot of benefits at the hands of educated whites overseas than poor people coming with little educational background from Haiti.

The reason they promote them is because they want them to continue to remain the elites of our country forever to perpetuate the colonial ruling in Haiti.

Believe me many poor people like myself had done a lot of studies overseas but we will never be in the Haitian administrative system to change it. The only way for us to be in is to corrupt ourselves to be part of their vicious cycle.

It is sad but a good revolution in the days ahead will stop all those social injustices and one day all rocks lying on those rivers in Haiti will suffer the heat of all other rocks exposed to the sun outside of all Haitian rivers.

It will happen for sure and they will not be able to block it. I believe Desalines, Charlemagne Peralte, Toussaint's bloods to name a few did not bleed in vain and Haitians will awake and enough will be enough.

Poor Haitians are suffering too much in Haiti while those rich people are enjoying paradise life on the Haitian soil. We will not accept the suffering forever and as Mevz believes it Haitians like suffering and they are strong and resilient to live like that. This monster told Bill Clinton that who reported that to Preval in private meeting.

We will not be coward forever and one day we will teach them about our illimited patience.

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