Duvalier Leogane, Aristide Port Salut, Cedras Jeremie..

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Toulimen, Tiba, Natif, Mireille, Lavaud.etc..I love you all. The intensity and the fecundity that you show come straight from the Hedonistic calculus of Bentham.

You are so passionate about this piece of land that nothing will stop you from advancing, conjecturing and even killing.

Gentlemen, hold up, cool down, look around you and take a deep breath.

I have been having this crazy idea for a long time...With all this bickering-why don't we make Jean Claude Duvalier the Gouverneur of Leogane, Aristide the Gouverneur of Port Salut, Cedras in Jeremie, send Preval and Jude celestin In Marmelade?

Create a jib of Assessor for Madame Manigat and have of all them report to Micky.

Aristide has millions, Duvalier has even more, Preval and Jude Celestin we can not count and Madame Manigat..who knows.

Bring the 100.000 Macoutes or sorry Les Volontaires de la security nationale back...open all the ports for three months and make creole the official langu age of the country with Portuguese as a second language and french as a third.

We will solve all Haiti problems in one year.
Tell me what do you think?

Good morning from the cold

Kamoken, March 13 2011, 11:33 PM

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That's a good idea but Haitian political leaders will not follow through. I wish they could bring all those former... read more >
Joubert, 14-Mar-11 1:18 am


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