Aristide is nothing more than a "SCAMBAG" who only care about...

Tiba - March 16 2011, 8:57 AM

Aristide is nothing more than a "SCAMBAG" who only care about himself.

If he found it so necessary to come back just before the elections becuase if he waits to come back after the elections, he fears that he'll go blind, well, I say, so be it.

I hope he goes totally blind on his way back. Aristide is the most selfish creature God ever put on the planet to crawl under every rock there is. Aristide never cared about Haiti and never will.

Aristide only cares about Aristide because he knows full well the negative impact of his return would have on the election, and that's exactly what he wants to see happen.

I hope his 2 big eye balls pop out of their sockets as soon as he gets off the plane.

The South African government has the power to stop Aristide from leaving the country but would not do it because they, too, don't give a damn about Haiti.



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