What is Aristide's Real Intention for Returning to Haiti?

Tba - March 18 2011, 3:10 PM

I am in full agreement for Aristide's return, Jean-Claude's return, etc...I am also in full agreementfor Preval and his family to stay in Haiti.

I agree 1000% at the notion to a complete and total END of Exile as described in the Constipation, oops! I meant the constitution.

I am therefore calling on ALL former heads of the Haitian State to return/come back to their country, Haiti, if they so choose to without any preconditions.

However, there are some of these former presidents/leaders who have learned their lesson while some are still learning their past, and some others have not really learned anything, and frankly do not care whatsoever.

Which brought Aristide to mind. Aristide has not learned anything from his past as a former president.

Aristide doesn't care about Haiti and never have. Aristide only cares about Aristide.

Aristide is back to Haiti only 2 days before the elections purely and simply to see a blood bath and watch Haiti live in a perpetual chaos because he has nothing to lose but eveything to gain.

If Aristide really cares about Haiti, he could help in the rebuilding of the country in a matter of months and unite the country in a matter of weeks.

But he will not do that because he doesn't care really about Haiti nor about the Haitian people.

Aristide, Jean-Claude, Eartha, Guy Phylippe, and all the others can use their immense influence to joint elbows to the benefit of the country but they will not do that because neither one of them really cares about Haiti or the the Haitian people.

Majority of Haitians was calling/demanding/crying/longing for Aristide's return.

Your dream is now answered; you have him! he is now with you in Haiti!

Now what?

What's next?

Where do we go from here?

Are you people going to elect him president Sunday March 20?

Or are you going to crown him king?

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Ti Rene says...

I just love the way people accuse Aristide of the same things their own candidates are guilty of. Listen people: the... more »

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. says...

Aristide's real intention is to return to Haiti to teach his army Zoulou language and to say krik krak le nou pa nan... more »

Ti Rene says...

What are you trying to say Reverend? Sorry did not understand your comment. Please clarify what you are trying to say... more »

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. says...

It may be misunderstood or misinterpreted the implication of the written, but nothing short of denigrating any... more »

Reponse Pou Malandrin says...

Tiba bwe tafya respekte ve ou. Aristide pa kamarad ou. more »

Toulimen says...

I am glad that Tiba does not answer your posting because it really reflects your low IQ. In all Tiba's postings one... more »

Linda says...

Tiba, I agree with pretty much everything you said. But there's something that you and most other Haitians didn't seem... more »

Tiba says...

Linda, To be honest with you, I have not been following Aristide's speeches other than the one he gave at the airport... more »

Gguerrier says...


Toulimen says...

Tiba calm down, Aristide, Preval, Duvalier and others love Haiti but they didn't know how to solve Haiti's own... more »