Dude you will get more backers for tet kale by just sending...

Ti Rene - March 19 2011, 3:53 PM

Dude you will get more backers for tet kale by just sending links to his music, which is at least somewhat entertaining even if his political dialogue is full of hollow promises!! This number analysis thing you're doing makes no real sense.

So he is younger but do you think all the weed he has been smoking could not affect his judgement?

So she is old but in our culture it might be seen as being wise. So overall poor strategy...

I say you focus on the few positives of your candidate so youtube links to his music.

I heard he will be given free for all concerts on the Champ de mars on Sundays.

This would meaan that finally more Haitian citizens will be able to dance every weekend to a live band like only a selected few were lucky to do at Djoumbala in the past!

The only positive outcome about tomorrow's election is that whoever wins, it may free some earthqakke funds that will probably take some people out of those tents.

Now we should be focusing on the next step: let's mobilize people to go after local non presidential elections where some construction (not reconstruction cause we never really had anythng int he first place) may actually be achieved.

just hoping...

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