Shape of thing to come.

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Shape of thing to come in the next ten to thirty years in Africa and the Middle East that I wish will be untrue, paralogism, canard, delusion, falsidical, fiction, sophistry, hollow, or misrepresentation of history but unfortunately I am afraid that history will absolve me with a mathematical precision.

Those that were duped by foreign powers to betray their own countries will have those foreign powers occupying their country, seizing their natural resources, exiling their leaders like they did to Jean Bertrand Aristide in Haiti while selecting their lackeys to oppress their own people like they did with Duvalier, Somoza, Trujillio, Pinochet; and host of others
Those foreign powers will treat their children and grandchildren as pariahs of the world, boat people and illegal aliens, economic refugees, as vector of diseases and crimes.

with the utmost disrespect.

While the children and grandchildren of those traitors will be trying to seek refuge to escape the wretched and inhuman conditions imposing to them in their own land by those foreign powers, their boats will be secretly torpedo on high seas and reported as accident by those foreign powers.

If in doubt refers to the history of the Haitian people during the last 200 years

Pierre F. Lherisson, March 22 2011, 3:36 AM

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