The message is well passed, and there is no accusation to...

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr - March 24 2011, 11:07 PM

The message is well passed, and there is no accusation to label any of these Former Presidents; however, the masses have been used by everyone not to their advantage rather than to their destruction.

Why would you ask someone to stay out Haiti's politic just for the sake of true revelation of certain people' s behavior?

This is the practice that need to eliminate in Haiti, anyone that is not supported the ideology of someone entourage or friends should be off the country! That is not making sense at all. That is not humanist neither social and moral.

It is heard that the Patron said, No exclusion, but inclusion".

If you can accept my ideology and opinion then we will build Haiti.

There is no justification of crimes committed by these former Presidents and leaders!

People need to get involve in Haiti' Politic, so give them an alternative to be part of this system as they can voice for the nation not for one man or little group.

My people are tired of this politic that you are the savoir faire, but them the people are stupid.

No no my people are not stupid, and they are you, them, and I for the foundation of this nation.

At least give them some option to speak on for are one of them too!.

Not smart enough, but we are the society as a whole to learn and to give back to others.

The smart brain is the brain that can feel the pain of others, but a selfish one sees it all alone causing self destruction.

Only in Haitian politic that some bureaucrat wants to exclude ideas.

Haitian peace be with you and my people.

Pray for Former Jean Claude Duvalier.

It was the question why they have questioned Mr. Jean Claude Duvalier not Jean Bertrand Aristide?

Just the Bloggers why not your way, but ethically why?

and why again?

the Greatest President on planet Earth accepted to say the truth that, " He is not a smart man, but he got things done".

We can learn from that don't you believe in that?

David was in God side and Goliath was in devil side. Who was the winner?

There is no way for me to be afraid neither feel embarrass due to the fact that the Great King is on my side. So God pretect your people, country, nation, and servants from the enemy.


Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr.

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