Even Elected Micky Should Ask For A Recount After His Investiture

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The Elections Board makers as known as CEP are trying to undermine Michel Martelly's popularity by reducing his vote percentage margins to 51.64 to 52%.

I am asking Micky to accept the victory and call for a recount certification while being in power to destitute all elections board members and throw them in jail in order to mark history so future elections board makers would not get involved in the dirty business of stealing candidate votes.

We should teach them a lesson Micky and I am commending you to do so after your winning victory.

The Haitian people vote for you all over the country and they know what's going on now. We need to teach those racketeerians a lesson and they will learn so others will not be victims of their dirty secret works.

We want you to do that and we count on you Micky! Good job! Well done and let others talk ok.

Toulimen Legrand, March 25 2011, 10:07 PM

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