Dark Knight, you have misunderstood my posting. Michel cannot...

Toulimen Legrand - March 26 2011, 3:42 PM

Dark Knight, you have misunderstood my posting.

Michel cannot lose this presidential election ok. Based on my predictions and many other predictions from the Diaspora and in Haiti as well, Michel could win with 70% of the votes, but with some elimination of certain offices that could reduce his winning margin up to 60% or 67%.

There is a scenario that is playing now based on Souffrant's last posting but it will not work ok. I am confident if there is no electoral fraud that Martelly will win up to 60%.

We are waiting for the election results to teach a lesson to the CEP and they will learn.

We are warriors and we will not stop fighting them by any means ok. I said if they brought the result to 51% or 52%, we will ask for a recount and some people will have to be jailed for stealing the people's votes.

We want this presidential election to be fair and honest.

In the Martelly's camp, we are not waiting only for winning result, we are waiting for fair and honest election results.

Wait and you will see what will be playing out. If there is a person to doubt about election results is you and the Manigat's camp as being masterminded people on election frauds and not me. I am positive and strongly confident with no doubt that Martelly will win by a large margin if they don't want Haiti to be blown off the Caribbean Sea. Wait and you will see. Don't accuse me of anything! Just wait!

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