Whoever this Leger is who said that "Haitians have no...

Linda - March 27 2011, 6:01 PM

Whoever this Leger is who said that "Haitians have no entrepreneurial spirit" really knows nothing about Haitians.

He is someone new to Haiti, as are so many others who know nothing or very little about Haiti.

Haiti was at one time a country with many different businesses.

There was a time in Haiti, when most of these guys who now dominate the country's economy, were nothing more then small retailers downtown.

Most of the people with entrepreneurial spirits left Haiti because of various violent periods in it's history.

Those who say that Haitians don't know how to "create jobs" are not real Haitians.

They are probably some of these new Haitians [foreigners thinking they are Haitians], or they are Haitians who have not been to Haiti since they were young [or never until recently].

Regarding your second point: "Don't you see how much people are fighting against each other on this blog!" I do see that, and that always upsets me. However, I also noticed that there are some people who always think that those who disagree with them are fighting them. The two things are not the same. There are many on this blog who do not know how to be civil.

But others are not like that at all.

Regarding your point: "It is the result of oppression and we must say it outloud that Haitians are oppressed and the oppressors are the U.S. CIA agents and the maid elites of Haiti." This is one I agree with.

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