Linda, Pierre Leger is right in many aspects of the Haitian...

Toulimen - March 27 2011, 8:24 PM

Linda, Pierre Leger is right in many aspects of the Haitian life. The enterpreneurial spirit is missing in Haiti and it is proven when you see how Haitians in Haiti are so dependent toward the Haitian Diaspora.

When you have a Mevz who says that the elites make more money with the Haitian Diaspora than Haitians in Haiti and why should they create jobs in Haiti?

Would you call that enterpreuneurial spirit?

Guess if Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Oprah to name a few had to say that about America.

That's the enterpreuneurial spirit that moves America forward.

Linda, if Haiti had enterpreuneurial spirit they would have created a Research and Development Office in all university schools and within the Haitian government too.

How many inventions do Haitian create?

Cite one Linda and I will be pleased with you. Do we have a Research and Patent Office in Haiti to record our inventions so they can be protected to prevent others from stealing our economic developmental ideas.

Do we invest in Innovation, Research and Technology?

That's what creates the interpreuneurial spirit and it is missing Linda.

We cannot create jobs when we don't know what type of jobs that need to be created in the country.

Having enterpreneurial spirit has a lot to do with research, science and technology to create jobs. We don't invest in those sectors Linda.

Should Haitians continue to live for foods only while other countries around the world are striving to invest in those missing sectors in Haiti?

Linda, with all due respect Haitian foreigners are Haitians.

We could be in better shape if America did not and continue to use Haiti as its political backyard.

We cannot develop Haiti when Haitians who return to Haiti are killed by CIA agents and other criminals in Haiti.

Some members of the Haitian elites are identifying all Haitian dissidents who refuse to go by their rules so they can be killed as soon as they arrive in the country.

That facebook will spy on all Haitians and many of them will be turned over to the Haitian government or to the elites to be killed.

Actually, the CIA through facebook is dismantling the Arab governments because they are tired of supporting them for years and their goods cannot reach their markets too. Will they help Haitians overthrow the Haitian mercenaries who refuse to develop Haiti?

No, they will never help this black nation do that. One thing, I believe if Haitian political leaders were smart enough the Haitian elites and the CIA network would change their politics of divisiveness to free Haiti as well as taking Haitians in Haiti out on the Haitian's Diaspora Welfare payroll to quote my friend Tiba.

Linda, it is time for us to call for unity to save Haiti and we can do that. We need to stop the Haitian killing machine on both camps.

The elites and political leaders of Haiti should stop killing Haitian dissidents so the CIA agents could stop their killing machine in Haiti.

Those charognards are in the Haitian churches working as missionaries, they are in the Haitian Red Cross and many of them are working for USCIS in Tabarre.

Haiti cannot continue to be run like that. America and the Haitian elites are responsible for all accounted crimes in Haiti.

We deserve more than that and enough is enough.

Would you please understand this fight?

I hope you do...

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