The Haitian Masses Will Be Tested With The Elections Preliminary Results

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According to an anonymous source in the entourage of the CEP, the international community has asked the CEP to test the hidden intentions of the Haitian masses by favoring candidate Mirelande Manigat over Martelly with the preliminary results, and if the Haitian masses do not rebel against those results they should keep them that way until the final results as being required for April 15, 2011. As such, I am asking all Micky's fans to remain vigilant toward that repeated showdown to teach them a lesson for real. Do not pay attention to any leaders that want us to seek legal rescourse to dispute any electoral matters.

Once again, we should teach them a lesson by using the greatest forces ever into the Haitian history starting on the 30th of April 2011. Haitian people know already the results and Haiti will not repeat the Lesly Manigat's electoral fraud again.

We will teach them a lesson and they will learn.

There will be no exile for the CEP members but they will regret and curse the day that they were born before seeing the Eternal Father!

Joubert, March 27 2011, 10:19 PM

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