Serge, Understood! but how this is going to accomplish when...

Tiba - March 30 2011, 6:43 AM


Understood! but how this is going to accomplish when every single ambassy in P-A-P is ready and willing to give a free pass out of Haiti to everyone in the so-called CEP and the evil government of Preval?

If anyone noticed, they would realize that my "Prediction" of the so-called CEP giving partial result of the election tomorrow March 31, was going to be moved to a different date. There it is! it's now being pushed to April 4th, and I am pretty sure that it's more likely they will schedule it for another date after April 4th.

This poves that I have a pretty good insight in the thinking process of these evils in charge of the Haitian political landscape.

I am not an expert but I do know how these people think and what they think is never good for Haiti.

These incompetent and mediocre morons spend a lot of time, 24/7 and 365 days, planning the next chaos, grief, pain, and soffering for the Haitian people.

These evil bastards are obsessed with creating problems for Haiti, the country they hate with every fiber in their bone and soul. They are all pumped up and engulfed with ego solely because some of them appen to have a college education from abroad, and therefore, they view themselves as the kings/queens of the jungle but the funny thing is they still cannot run the jungle because they are, not only too incompetent and mediocre, but rather too dumb and stupid to find their way through the jungle.

They get confused and disoriented by all of the tall trees and bushes in their paths, and therefore, they are in a stand steal waiting for the white man to come and lead them out.

Yes, Gerard Gourgue was right on target to say what he said about these brain dead, scholar wannabes.

Remember once again, the moronic club called CEP is working endlessly to create and keep Haiti in perpetual chaos, pain, grief, and havoc, and this is why they trying so hard to screw up Sweet Micky of the votes in favor of Mirlande Manigat.

After all, how will they explain to the master the rational behind Sweet Micky elected president over the greatest scholar of our time Mirland Manigat?

This would be the greatest nightmare in the history of Haitian politics.

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