Hey, Toulimen Legrand are you the same as I call him "uncle...

Tiba - April 2 2011, 4:55 PM

Hey, Toulimen Legrand are you the same as I call him "uncle" Toulimen, or are you both different?

Anyway, I would ask you to take a deep breath and calm down before you blow another gasket.

I want you to understand one very important concept "thi is politics." It is a dirty business but somebody's got to do it.

There is no taking without giving and this is what's called "politics of interest." Please don't make it look like an Haitian phenomenon, it's done all over the world and even worse in US. Businesses are for profit and market monopoly, and therefore, in every election sycle, they tend to support the candidate they think would be best for their businesses.

Haitians tend to be paranoid and go coo-coo over everything without understanding the process and the function of it especially in politics.

I do understand exactly where you're coming from but you must understand also that politics and business do go hand and hand, however, the government need experise, wisdom, and the know-how in order to be able to balnace them both.

I do believe that the government must open the market for competition and end market monopoly in Haiti.

This is what really destroying Haitian production.

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