President "Tete Kale" must rally ALL Haitians to be successful!

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Okay, "jwet se jwet kakajam pa ladan" (haitian proverb).

Now that Sweet Micky is the new elected president of Haiti, what's now?

Where do we go from here?

Can Marteley provide the kind the leadership Haiti really needs?

Or is he going to surround himself with the those same incompetent and mediocre advisors like the ones before him did?

I am offering my own strategy to him if he wants to be the most successful progressive president of all time in Haiti's history.

First of all, he needs to understand that there can't be a government without a people, and no government can be effective without the full participation and the total acknowledgement of the people.

First and foremost, at the inauguration, Martely must declare by presidential decree that ALL HAITIANS be treated as first class citizens.

and must go further by demanding his entire government personnel, especially the Haitian embassies overseas, to treat ALL HAITIANS citizens as first class citizens with the utmost respect, dignity, and integrity.

Second, I urge the new elected president to be an inclusive government and end the "status quo." Martely's government must open the country to ALL who want to be a part of it in order to modernize the country and create a new but a more complex society, etc...

Third, I urge the new government to start a land re-distribution program in order to allow all farmers back to the countryside to farm again in order to encourage national production.

Fourth, Marteley would need to go overseas where large Haitian concentrations are to explain his government program to them and encourage them to come home to get involved.

But most importantly, he needs to find a way to reduce high inflation in Haiti right of way.

And, Dual Citizenship is a MUST?

Tiba, April 4 2011, 6:44 PM

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