Listen, how old are you? We have protested against HIV vaccine...

Serge P. Leblanc - April 5 2011, 1:07 PM

Listen, how old are you?

We have protested against HIV vaccine to all Haitians in the 1980s and we will protest again if the U.S. wants to impose that vaccine on us. The United States creates the cholera bacteria and gets it spread in Haiti through the Haitian Red Cross and we know how they are doing their dirty business against the Haitian people.

Why should we be vaccinated against cholera since it is a white men-made disease?

We need to stop being the Guinea Pigs of the White men in positions of power in America.

We fought them against their created HIV/AIDS in 1980s and we will fight them again.

Stanley must return the money he receives from them to brainwash Haitians to take that vaccine.

In vaccine, you can receive all kinds of types of other diseases and your life expectancy can be reduced dramatically.

That is what white people do to decrease your life expectancy in those so-called vaccines in order to increase theirs.

One guy argues it already on this blog and he was right in his argumentations against vaccines.

We will fight it and Stanley has to return that money ok.


Stanley Lucas Calls For Vaccination Against Cholera In Haiti

This guy is a sold out Haitian and he will sell Haiti to the United States in order to make Haitians become the new...

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