I have to jump into this debate although I don't really know...

Toulimen Legrand - April 5 2011, 4:53 PM

I have to jump into this debate although I don't really know how it started.

The United Nations/United States should stop spreading their viruses in Haiti to reduce the Haitian population.

We can reduce our population in other humane ways where killing will not be the appropriate solution to do so. Life belongs to GOD and not to AMERICANS and they should let others live. The killing of 85,000 of elderly African Americans in many nursing homes in the United States each year is unacceptable explains Dr. Troutman in a PBS.Org video.

We will not allow the United States to do that with us. We don't forget what the United States did to us in 1980 with HIV/AIDS where Haitians were accounted for developing that disease.

And in 17 years later, we knew that disease was created by U.S. Reformed Scientific Jews in New Jersey in Rutgers States University.

We were humiliated throughout the whole world and now they want to do it again with their own created cholera virus.

We will not tolerate that again and Haitians will not be vaccinated in order to be under the United States population control.

Who gives the United States the power to regulate lives in the world?

We know that Haiti is filled with the United States spies all around the country, but listen we will wake up this time and many of them will be out of Haiti soon. It is a matter of time and we will unite again to stop those discriminatory practices against the Haitian people.

As Serge explains it, if Stanley has received any money to promote the cholera vaccine, I will advise him to return that money.

We, Haitians are ready to teach a lesson to whomever got involved into this discriminatory practice.

Haitians are not Guinea Pigs and the U.S. can sell its vaccine elsewhere.

We forgive U.S. for its discriminatory practices but we don't forget ok. We will stop it this time in order not to repeat the lesson of the past.

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