Right, Aristide cronies lamenting. I am in total agreement...

Robert Sanon - April 5 2011, 8:02 PM

Right, Aristide cronies lamenting.

I am in total agreement with Carla and Stanley.

People preventing the vaccination of Haitian citizens against the cholera bacteria using conspiracy theories about using Haitians as "guinea pigs" are just simply criminals.

The epidemic has already killed 7, 500 Haitians and has contaminated 200, 000 people.

If nothing is done, by the end of the rainy season, the cholera bacteria will contaminate 800, 000 people.

Stanley Lucas is right to call for the Haitian government to launch a vaccination a campaign against cholera prior to the rainy season.

Lucas is also right in trying to bring accountability to the United Nations in the spreading of the cholera bacteria that came from Nepal with soldiers for MINUSTAH from that country.

Lucas want the UN to pay the $5 billion that it will cost to treat the cholera -- the same way that President Obama held BP accountable and had them pay $20 billion for the mess the created in New Orleans and the gulf. The people of Haiti did nothing wrong.

They should not have to pay for the mistake of the UN - or sacrifice their much needed reconstruction money for a highly preventable cholera outbreak.

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Stanley lucas is dangerous if that's true. Don't...


Stanley Lucas Calls For Vaccination Against Cholera In Haiti

This guy is a sold out Haitian and he will sell Haiti to the United States in order to make Haitians become the new...

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