You are talking like a brainwashed child who is 6 or 7 years...

Joubert - April 6 2011, 6:33 PM

You are talking like a brainwashed child who is 6 or 7 years of age and with a person like you the white men will always state that Haitian adults think like a seven years old person in their country.

What a shame to say such a thing to an adult! Why do white men create diseases and vaccinations?

They create them to better control their population and they believe if they don't inflict their population with diseases people will not stop procreating.

This idea of population control came from the conservative people (Republicans) after they had concentrated all the world economic resources into their hands.

Conservatives are united worldwide and especially with the G-8, G-5 and G-20 countries.

They control the world's destiny.

For instance, before people get sick, they brainwash them to let them know a virus is out and who puts that virus out?

The CDC and the Red Cross technicians are the ones that spread those viruses out before they provide training to others.

They know where they spread a virus and how many people will get infected.

Vaccinations and viruses create jobs while they are killing others.

Once you get vaccinated for a disease, you get some protection for that disease for a certain period of time and you have to renew that virus all the times.

The antibody as received through the vaccine can actually kill real antibodies that you have within your immune system and make you dependent toward certain types of medicines.

Actually, people who get flu vaccines each year are the ones that keep getting cold flu each year and they die early than people who never receive that vaccine because they are under population control of the white men scientists in position of power.

Many of you will die in the U.S.if you are not careful and you will never enjoy the retirement money that you have worked hard for it. You will die like many African Americans because you like that stupid healthcare more than them. You will always believe that U.S. doctors are better than Haitian doctors in Haiti and you will stay in the U.S. to receive their sweet death through misdiagnosis and so on. When others are trying to open your eyes and you are voicing sh8t.

Too bad, before you regret your stupidity for trusting white men it will be too late. It is hard to save some of you because you are so brainwashed in that criminal system that keeps taking the lives of so many innocent people each year, but a few of you will be saved.

King Solomon states in the Christian Bible this: It will be very difficult to make an idiot person listen than making a deaf person listen to reason and wisdom.

Too bad and shame on you. Research vaccines and diseases with a critical mind to know how safe or unsafe you are under white men's medical racist system and their biotechnology power.


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