Jean, an idiot like Elsie will never understand manipulation...

Toulimen - April 6 2011, 6:47 PM

Jean, an idiot like Elsie will never understand manipulation of DNA mutation and genes replication in many aspects of people's lives in the world.

She will never understand the copying process and how America happens to feed its population with copy foods.

She will always thinks that the foods that she is eating are real whether they are organic or conventional.

She will always trust them and when her immune system became so weak she would have to undergo chemotherapy to strengthen it and from there she would develop any type of cancer and again the sweet death method will take over her destiny in a nursing home here. Jean, people like Elsie left Haiti with no knowledge or little knowledge and they live in the U.S. like those brainwashed Americans without researching anything.

Jesus got killed because he stated that his people were dying by lack of knowledge at the hands of the Jews and the Romans.

I would love to say the same to my fellow Haitians so let them die. Listen, don't trust any food that you are eating ok. Take some vitamins to strenghten your immune system and research the ingredients before you purchase them. Use apple cider vinegar to wash most of the fruits, eggs and vegetables to take out some radioactive agents on them. Research 131 uses of vinegar on the net and you will learn a lot about it ok. Let the ignorant perish! Be careful and may the Almighty One bless you!

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Elsie,does your high laboratory complex research...


Stanley Lucas Is A CIA Agent And A Sold Out Haitian

This guy got a diploma in management and international relations from INAGHEI and he has two years law credentials...

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