Aristide and Lucas are brothers and they belong to that same...

Joubert - April 6 2011, 6:56 PM

Aristide and Lucas are brothers and they belong to that same gang that is managing Haiti.

You, Aristide and Lucas can sell Haiti for a loaf of bread, but I will not do that. Toulimen, Joubert, Leblanc, Middy, Tiba, Rev Dumaine, Carlos, Jynnee, Jean-Pierre to name a few are educating people on this blog while you are voicing dudu here. We will not sell Haitians to the enemies of Haiti and we want Haitians to escape the U.S. Death Chamber Healthcare's plot to retire in Haiti, but you can stay here to die within their brainwashing cycle.

Too bad, I cannot be a Lavalas or a Lucas because they are all crooks.

Continue to defend this sold-out who wants Haitians to be vaccinated against a U.S. created disease so they can be under the U.S. population control.

We will not let that happen under our watch.

You and Stanley can be vaccinated because you are Americans and belong to America.

Shame on you moron!

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Stanley Lucas Calls For Vaccination Against Cholera In Haiti

This guy is a sold out Haitian and he will sell Haiti to the United States in order to make Haitians become the new...

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