Toulimen, I agree with you 150%. As you know, I never...

Tiba - April 6 2011, 7:07 PM


I agree with you 150%.

As you know, I never recognized the Haitian's so-called constitution as authentic and supreme.

To me the damn thing has always been nothing more than a simple "document" that has no meaning whatsoever.

It's not even worth the paper that it is written on.

Fortunately, during the visit of the house slave, Preval, in New York yesterday to give an explanation of his failed government to his masters at the United Nations, the master in command, Ban Ki-moun, has demanded that the Haitian parliament to ammend the constitution RIGHT NOW before Martely take the oath of office mid-May, next month.

All those years, Haitians have been calling on Preval's government for dual citizenship and had given a death hear to everyone, but now the master has poken and so it will be done.

I call that dual citizenship be ammended on to the constitution, that the 10th department be taken out, and the real estate ownership (owning a home) as a qualification to run for president be taken out as well.

This article of the current Constipation oops! I did it again, my bad! I meant to say Constitution, is a clear evidence of exclusion of Haitians out of the political mainstream of their own country.

All Haitians should and must have full right to dream of being president of their country some day as long as the meet the age and the citizenship status criteria, plain and simple.

I don't own a home in Haiti and I have no intention to ever own any real estate of any way, shape, and form in Haiti whatsoever, and therefore, having the inspiration of ever becoming president in Haiti would be just a wishful thinking that will never become a reality in this lifetime?

How more humiliating, disgraceful, and shameful that is for any Haitian?


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