Mr. Toulimen Legrand, I say Amen e Insiswatil to that! this...

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Mr. Toulimen Legrand,

I say Amen e Insiswatil to that! this stupid constipation (constitution) represents the master's system and not Haiti.

Haitians are not used to have a prime minister and a president in the political system.

In 1987, the master dictated those house slaves, who wrote the damn constitution, that's the way it's going to be, and uninamously, they all said "yes master you got it!"

Second, the master told them there must be two(2) rounds of elections, and they all say unanimously, once again "yes master, may your wish be!"

Disgracefully enough, those moronic house slaves could not stand up to their master and said, "master we all hear you but this system you are forcing down our throats does not reflect the Haitian political system.

This system will be too confusing and out of the norm to the Haitian people, and therefore, with all due respect, it will not be dumped on them."

I am all for a constitution but it must be a real constitution that would call at least for a "vice president" and scrap off the prime minister post. The potential for proplems, political discourse, political vacuum, and set back is too great with a prime minister.

We've experienced it before under Preval's regime.

The Haitian government needs strong stability and continuity in order to get something done for once.

There must be just ONE round election for president and both chambers.

It is time that Haitians realize everytime we tried to implement the master's system in our country things get out of hand, nothing gets done, and the country goes 5 steps backward.

For Haiti to ever move forward, the system has to be Haitian and must reflect Haitian culture, values, morals, and principles.

We all, Haitians, must do everything we can to develop/modernize and move the country at its highest pick accordingly to new world order, but we can accomplish all that while being Haitians without trying to change our identity by pretending to be another people that we are not.

Let's be Haitian and remain Haitian.

Let us instead use our brain, our knowledge, our skills, our experiences, our wisdom, and our know-how without being arrongant and obnoxious in order to prove to the world that we, too, can accomplish geat things for our country and our people while remaining Haitian.

Let us remember that we, Haitians, were the ones who brought civilization to this world when we abolished slavery, which was the worst form of savagery and uncivilized form of treatment to mankind.

We still can do wonders, but we have to have a leader to take us there.

And I hope Martely can provide us with that leadership we so badly need.

May Haiti become a respectable nation once again.

Tiba, April 7 2011, 6:37 AM

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