With all the due respect, the blogger has the right to express...

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. - April 7 2011, 10:46 PM

With all the due respect, the blogger has the right to express his or her opinion in all Haiti's affair and business.

If you are not agree with Him don't disrespect him for that because Jean Bertrand Aristide is a Haitian man first and Former President, but is not above the criticism for his dealing.

The blogger said that, "Jean Bertrand Aristide is a CIA agent", so some one can call the CIA office or the United States Defense Department to find out the truth; this is just an opinion never considered to be a fact.

Respecting both of you about Jean Bertrand Aristide, couple months ago some one in the blog said that," Jean Bertrand Aristide was a drug dealer whether is truth or false there is no basis for that mistreatment of one another.

For Ketan, " an eye witness and Friend of the ex-President" seating in federal prison in Miami can tell you more about it. Call Aristide, and ask him about Ketan the God father of his daughter?

He was the president of all Haitians, so all Haitians have the freedom to speak their opinion on all public officers.

Don't call your brother malandrin because it is reflected on all of us specially on Mr. Ex-President Jean Bertrand Aristide.

Let use mutual respect for all people Haitians and all others etc.,

Believing it or not Aristide don't even have time for all of us not to excluded myself, if CIA or anything else can give Him Power or money there are all welcome.

Don't bother said that, " Aristide pa camarade ou".

Camarade what?

Does any body know about Aristide History?

Where is he come from, how does he get there, and what was his affiliation with other agencies?

Hoping not to get the same treatment, urging the level of comprehension that politic can not and will not work with compromise.

to be or not to be.

Let's worry about our nation, people, our brothers and sisters that can not eat or drink not about these guys that have destroyed the Republic treasury just to divide us because the love of money is the root of all evil.

This President will put an end to all oligarchy, anarchy, and waste of government treasure.

He is pro social and economic justice for all, however he needs to be very prudent not get used by the mafia to change His mind.

Haiti first, first first first first.

Don't care about Duvalierist, Lavalas, and inite; the reconstruction of this nation and put Haiti back in the Global market system.

Haitians stop long speech with no success, adopt the technological and scientific system to redeem Haiti from poverty.

All fans in the blog love and respect for you, specially Mr. Joseph Carlos: Ministre des droits Humains.

Mr. Carlos where you?

We don't hear from you at all. God wants you to be in the fight don't surrender your knowledge; God said, "to Moise what did you have in your hands?, a stick answered"; God said," Use it for the enemy is near end of his life circle.

Please, advisers and counselors of President Michel Martelly have Him listening to to the voice of the people in the blog and out the blog for there are his champions.


Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr

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Malandrin boue tafia rou et respecter ver rou...


Stanley Lucas Is A CIA Agent And A Sold Out Haitian

This guy got a diploma in management and international relations from INAGHEI and he has two years law credentials...

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I share your views partly...a little respect for each...

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