CIA's Spies Are Arguing About Haitian Former Pdts To Divide More Haitians

Toulimen - April 8 2011, 11:05 AM

I praise many bloggers from not being part of those conversations.

Low life citizens paid by CIA agents are working hard to divide more Haitians in this critical moment of their life with the new elected president in Haiti.

I am asking all Preval bloggers who believe in the healing power and the faith of all Haitians everywhere not to be part of past presidents' discursions so they can move HAITI forward.

Don't let those vermines ruining your life ok. Many Haitian CIA agents are vermines and they are paid to spread lies all over like those political brainwashers in the U.S. media.

Remember, we are Haitians and we have a country to save. Those sold-out agents are living for foods and you must consider them as bare life citizens who have nothing to do with Haiti.

Stay away from those vermines (worms) if you want to save Haiti.

Again, I am asking my good fellow bloggers not to be part of the past discourses about Haiti.

It is time to think about what can unite us to decolonize Haiti.

If you cannot control your destiny, those CIA vermines in Haiti as well as in the U.S. will take over your life and you will be doomed to failure.

We need all Haitians whether they are Aristide, Duvalier, Preval, Trouillot, Cedras, Frank Romain, Bennett, Avril, Chanoine, Namphy, Rebu, Regala, Achilles, Merceron, and Martelly to name a few to save Haiti.

Don't let those CIA vermines ruin your life and seek unity at all times to save Haiti.

I cannot argue about people from past governments because my life was not impacted by them. I never worked for any past governments and I am not interested for working for any Haitian governments in the future and that is why I want Haiti to move forward.

Low life and bare life citizens are attached with the past of those governments and they will never move Haiti forward.

Identify those vermine dividers and stay away from them for the unity and the peace of our lovely Haitian people.

We can lead again and we can be respected if we can stay from those CIA's Vermine Dividers.

Pa chita ap bwe soup divizyon ouvri je nou pou nou ka sove peyi a tande!

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Operation Close Encounter says...

Parents Toulimen te kon ap assasiner moune en haiti pou Duvalier ak Toto Constant.Toulumin se cuzin loin Ak Madame Max... more »

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. says...

Hi Toulimen, We need your response on this subject as soon as possible for your credibility, so it may not not be true... more »

Toulimen Legrand says...

Rev. Dumaine, how can I be on CIA's payroll when I am the one denouncing the CIA-Haitian Elites's conspiracy in Haiti... more »

Thunder Wednesday says...

CIA like you are paid by the agency to fake pastors to open fake churches as they do throughout Latin America. People... more »

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. says...

In return, I really appreciate your feedback on this subject for the way that the international mafia works is to... more »

Toulimen Legrand says...

I am not blaming any nations at all but I am pointing out the cancer that is ruining Haiti. The cancer of Haiti is a... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Don't you thing CIA killing in Haiti is overdue and whom involve must pay in full? Remember an ex-CIA never... more »

Rooster says...

This is Able Rooster. Long Live The CIA!!!!! more »