Haiti: A Divided Country With A New Divided Congress

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This is the political mess that the CIA's invested money in Haitian politics gives us. They are the ones who are financing those so-called political parties to burry Haiti and all Haitians.

In the last elections, only the Preval Group was thinking about having a majority but it has failed to reach that majority.

The new parliament is going to form several political blocks to reach consensus deals and many will lobby them to make them pass laws that may go against the interests of the Haitian people.

I want all of you to understand what's happening now into the Haitian politics and what will be happening later.

Take notes and cool down to understand how political blocks' formation have been made and how they have reached any potential political deal. Micky may have to rally behind him some political enemies to reach some deals.

This is the continuation of the political mess as inherited from Aubelin Jolicoeur and the current international community members in Haiti.

I wish Haitians could see the need to unite Haiti toward three constructive political parties that can be financed by state taxpayers of Haiti to solve this mess.

Please stay cool on this crucial moment to understand the political deals ok. The CIA agents as appointed on this blog are calling others' names and some of them even try to insult and discredit others, but listen they are empty barrels as we say in Haitian Creole (Tono Vid Fe Bwi).

Let them talk but they are voicing nothing good that may compel myself or other good bloggers to answer them. The only thing one can do with ignorant people is to ignore them period.

Don't fight with them! Argue ideas and not dirty talks ok.

Furthermore, some people argue that politics will be crucial (suck) in Haiti with the new divided Haitian Congress because others will need money to buy those elected officials to make them pass laws to democratize Haiti.

Stay cool and try to heal our divided nation through its divided Haitian Parliament.

Toulimen Legrand, April 8 2011, 10:22 PM

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