Toulimen, You have made your case very brilliantly, and...

Tiba - April 9 2011, 7:12 AM


You have made your case very brilliantly, and therefore, I am ready to give Bellerive the benifit of the doubt temporarily just to give Martelly time to appoint a new prime minister.

I did not think about most of what you pointed out. You are a voice of reason and I appreciate it.

This is a very good point you made here and I really didn't hink about when you said "He should stay Tiba to facillitate the transition for it will be difficult for Martelly to get a new prime minister based on the fact he has no majority in the new Haitian Congress." Martelly doesn't really have a majority in any of the 2 chambers.

Toulimen, you just proved the way intelligent people should see and approach "rational thinking" in politics and have the ability to listen and understand where each other is coming from. Chapo ba to you!

Now, I gotta split because I gotta go cook some rice and beans with stew chicken.

Keep up the good work my friend!

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Wait a minute Tiba, that's what we can call political...


Bellerive to Keep his Job with Martelly!

Please tell me it ain't so! I have been going to the bathroom every 2 minutes because since I heard about this...

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