My friend, we must keep up with the fight. Haitian Politics...

Toulimen Legrand - April 9 2011, 10:08 AM

My friend, we must keep up with the fight.

Haitian Politics sucks and it takes me a lot of times at night to decipher what Haitian politics mean for myself and for a lot of other people.

Look at those vociforous attacks against myself, you and other good bloggers to name a few, then, you can understand why we have so many uneducated people in Haiti.

The people who are attacking us on this blog are the ones who want Haitians to stay ignorant so they can get easy life in Haiti.

They are the ones along with CIA's squadron agents in Haiti to hire hit paid men to kill intellectuals there.

All they are doing on this blog is to fade out real facts from our continuing history to keep Haitians in ignorance.

Don't waste your time answering any empty barrels (les tonneaux vides font beaucoup de bruits).

You and I and some other good bloggers could educate millions of Haitians through this blog and I am receiving a lot of emails from all around the world to create my own blog to prevent those uneducated morons from insulting and calling others' names.

They are paid as CIA agents and Haitian Elites' lackeys to monitor what we are saying in the Haitian Diaspora in order to get us killed if we decide to return home. I never forget how those people killed a bright intellectual political candidate named Luc B. Innocent by the Haitian-DR's border.

I don't know if you remember Louis Eugene Atis too, he was a good friend ot Innocent and both were truly bright intellectual citizens.

The latter got killed in Leoganes in Haiti.

Both of them were killed through CIAS's Haitian Elites conspiracy.

That's the Haiti that many don't know. They are spying on all of us to finally get rid of us while we are in Haiti.

Other countries around the world respect their educated citizens and welcome them so their countries can benefit from their learning experiences overseas.

Those morons in Haiti see us as enemies and that is why they are wasting money on paying ignorant bloggers to spy on us on a daily basis.

They are paid to brainwash others and what they do they keep fading all good postings that we post here, but I am asking Haitians to keep searching for files with true facts and resurface them to educate others.

Look at how those brainwashed mulatto historians destroy Toussaint Louverture that they personify into their hearts to praise Dessalines that they hate to death.

This is a myth that needs to demystify so Haitians can truly understand both leaders on a personal level of their expertise.

Both leaders complement each others and Toussaint was the one who wrote to Dessalines to apologize for his mistakes and to lead the fight to the independence of Haiti.

Toussaint's letters on the Hero Boat and in his prison in Fort De Joux testified that he would lead Haiti to independence if France refused to abolish slavery on Hispaniola.

He started with self-determination rights of free people to govern themselves which is a form of self-governing government which helps America today to lay the foundation of local governments in all of its 50 states as borrowed from the Black Spartacus named Toussaint Louverture.

America uses Toussaint's government model at all levels to decentralize its federal administration and state central and local governments.

Toussaint Louverture is the light of the world, but how many Haitians know that?

Leslie Francois Manigat was trying to point out all Toussaint's achievements in his book entitled "The 12 Facetes of Toussaint Louverture" and once the United States knew that he was about to point other unknown facts they quickly overthrew him so no one would talk about him anymore.

I will die myself for this cause and I am saying it outloud that without Toussaint's model of self-governing the most advanced nations would not be in the position they are now.

Toussaint remains the founding Father of the World Democracy for his fight for self-determination rights and self-governing modes in the New World.

Let's keep on fighting! I like your imputs ok! Take care!

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