Stephanie Schiller: France Radio Journalist On Michel Martelly

Max F. Joubert - April 11 2011, 3:03 PM

She explains that Martelly used to be vulgar to entertain his public while imitating Scottish Burlesque Play which requires a grotesque person to perform this sort of play with a lot of vulgarities and she states that this type of burlesque play is rooted into the Haitian Voodoo culture when performing the Voodoo Congo Loas' ceremonies.

She said the entertainer of any types of burlesque show must be drunk and he does not really know what he said while being performed if not recorded.

Michel Martelly was very disappointed about both cultures i.e. the U.S. culture and the Haitian culture and at that time he cared about nothing and that's what forced him to perform burlesque shows to entertain vulgar public in Haiti and in the U.S. as well. She said that Micky is sincere, honest and he has cleaned hands; therefore, people should focus on their future to rebuild a divided country.

She said that Micky has the best economic team as recruited in the Haitian sector's affairs to lead Haiti ahead.

He will be a good president to all Haitians.

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