Well said Linda and this is also one of my principles too. I...

Toulimen - April 11 2011, 11:08 PM

Well said Linda and this is also one of my principles too. I agree with you and all you do with ignorant people is to ignore them. Haiti can never explain to the U.S. that its territoriality as a country must be respected as an independent country.

With the United States on board, I feel like the knife is underneath our throat and with their arms' power they want us to believe that independence means nothing.

What Michel has to do is to try to cooperate with them in total ignorance and follow his economic agenda.

He needs to bring security to the country while restoring the rule of law. He needs to revive the Haitian agriculture for 70% of Haitian peasants and try to modernize the education to stop discrimination against all Haitians coming from underfunded schools.

He needs to bring all Haitian schools to the same standard and make sure no other countries can discriminate our students while transfering their credentials to their records for further studies.

For the NGOs, I am asking him to bring them under control and he must find out what they are doing in Haiti which is an independent country after all and if they refuse to cooperate with the new Haitian government for accountability, they should leave per the government's request.

They are not above the Haitian laws and they should be held accountable to the Haitian government.

I repeat it again if a certain NGO refuses to adhere to the implementation of the rule of law with the new Haitian government, it would be forced to leave.

Linda, we should have information about their activities in our country which is not their country.

If they are aimed to economic developments, I will and you will welcome them all and they can stay as long as they want, but if they are in Haiti to inflict Haitian diseases like they are doing with many African countries, they will not be welcome.

I would never believe that the United States would strike us with the cholera disease after that violent earthquake.

The United Nations is a U.S. institution and they are paid by the U.S. and if the cholera comes from its MINUSTAH's instance, it comes from the United States.

They are the ones inflicting that disease to us through their U.N. agency and they will do more if we don't stop them.

I am not calling for the expulsion of all NGOs, but I am asking the new Haitian government to bring them under Haiti's accountability so we can control our own territory.

Linda, I believe that you will agree with me that Haiti will never be a U.S. territory.

Haiti must do its own economic development and does not need to look like the U.S. or any other advanced country.

It must remain Haiti with its unique culture as an independent country.

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