That is true and I have a skeptical doubt to remain hopeful...

Toulimen - April 11 2011, 11:32 PM

That is true and I have a skeptical doubt to remain hopeful about Haiti too. The CIA- Two Third Haitian Elites' conspiracy is the most fearful one and I am asking how Haiti can emerge to do anything between this two camps.

The CIA spies are identifying Haitian dissidents and get them killed through assassinations whereas those elites that want market monopoly are killing Haitains by hiring hit paid criminal Haitians to do their dirty jobs. How can one be safe under this conspiracy plot to keep Haiti in poverty for ever?

I am telling you if America was on board to really help us Haiti would be like Israel.

However, many Haitian political leaders were ignorant too for not prioritizing Haiti's needs and interests and that's what brought us poverty and so many coups d'etats in the past. Let's hope Michel will be different.

I want him to develop Haiti for Haitians by bringing peace and security to this divided country as orchestrated by those charognards in Haiti.

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