What make you think michel will hire people from other places...

Richelle - April 12 2011, 4:46 PM

What make you think michel will hire people from other places, than his own people.

Haitian had hands together, and they elected michel.Tey need change, haitian be the first to get haiti's job before other people.

Haitian not even have enough job to give they own people.

If other people continue to have a job in haiti we will ask question.

Things change about haiti.

We will start pay attention for those signal why people from other country have job in haiti while haitian [pitit payi ya]have no job.I wish you are not haitian born. If you are haitian by birth and comment like that, shame on you.I talk kk to my haitian people too but not put them down and lift othe people.Dominicans, Americans,Canadians, Ethiopians,are not smart than haitians.You can talk kk to your own people all you want, but no to lift other people that call inferior, ignorant.

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