Guess who is coming to dinner as a Premier Minister

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Surprise, surprise, surprise and I am not going to tell you because all of you will be in complete shock and probably will get a permanent verbal diarrhea and a permanent real diarrhea like Tiba on his case that has been be more serious(shi, shi,shi)
Any way keep guessing but the square root of the vowels on his name is equals to 2. 8284271247 and that person likes more cubes than squares.

Devinez woua devinez Marcel korkob deye rou
Il y aura des pleures, des gricement de dents, de gueles et de becs au carnavale des bizzares et de diable melanger ak bon mask.
This is a top secret in an open space.

I beat wikileaks this time. Trust me.
Don't forget to send your truckload of scott tissue & serum to Tiba

The Ease Dropper, April 12 2011, 10:57 PM

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