I am one hundred percent in agreement with you but you talk...

Thomas Duvalier - April 13 2011, 8:32 AM

I am one hundred percent in agreement with you but you talk about reciprocity, family education, prestige, decorum, time honored principles and gentlemen agreement.

You have to understand this Sick Micky who is a rapias, parvenue, vagabond and depraved individual have disrespected openly and on a regular basis, simple Haitians, Haitian families the whole Haitian society and Head of States by ignoring every mores and civilized rules of bienseances in Haiti.

Now he is reaping what he sowed.

Respect has been a two way street.

If you want respect, you must give respect to other.

If you use disrespect, vulgarities and vauxalles to move up you cannot be expected to be treated with respectability and deference.

Self-depraved and tawdry behaviors will follow you and your family forever.

We hope that this depraved will be brief in office before causing more grieves to the Haitian community.

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Send your complaint about the Martelly regime to commandante12 at yahoo.in

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