Rooster, America as a multicultural country cannot have a...

Toulimen - April 14 2011, 4:10 PM

Rooster, America as a multicultural country cannot have a culture and despite of that it is a progressive society with disputed laws and economic bills all the times to brainwash others.

You need to know that we have a cultural heritage and we will not betray our roots to favor America in any ways. Haiti cannot and will not be a U.S. territory.

Look Rooster, America has good relationship with Britain and both countries enjoy that kind of friendship and that's what we want with France and Africa.

All America tries to do is to detach us from France and impose upon us its culture.

We are a French-Creole speaking country and we are not an English speaking country.

Your country needs to understand that.

The educational French system fails to teach Haitians the skills they need to compete with other nations and they want to correct that mistake so we should give them a chance to come up with their new way of thinking to change the face of Haiti.

If Haiti were about to switch masters' hands, it would have done it with the U.S. since 1862. Haitians say no to your English culture and they don't want Haiti to become a U.S. territory so why bother?

What does U.S. want from us?

All the other countries within the MINUSTAH want Haiti to be an independent country excerpt your country?


It cannot work and if they don't stop we will kick them out of Haiti again like we did in 1934. Martelly does not get his mandate from the U.S. and he will not be a puppet of the United States.

The Haitian Bourgeoisie and the Haitian people rally behind Martelly so it will be difficult for your country to forge a coup d'etat against him. Wait and you will see what will come in the days ahead.

The honneymoon is over and Haiti's interests will be prioritized this time. Wait and you will see it Rooster.

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