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It's funny I read this here, yesterday I was talking to someone about the fact that haitians living outside of haiti should be integrated in the new Haiti.

my friend kept on explaining to me how the constitution said "et ne jamais renoncer as sa nationalite" which is why these haitians cannot be this or that.

Personnally, I think that Haiti need to have every son and daughter "diaspora" or "lokal" as wind beneath her wings right now.

Marcus, August 13 2007, 9:06 AM

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Patriot1, 20-Jan-07 1:49 am
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Julien, 20-Jan-07 12:22 pm
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Jean-max, 5-May-07 9:40 pm
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Samuel Frederique, 7-May-07 1:53 pm
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Jean-max, 8-May-07 6:50 pm
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Mch, 4-Aug-07 7:14 pm
This brother says alot of things that are right. The Haitian Diaspora should not be outsiders. They should too be... read more >
Brother L.k., 4-Aug-07 8:39 pm
It's funny I read this here, yesterday I was talking to someone about the fact that haitians living outside of haiti... read more >
Marcus, 13-Aug-07 9:06 am
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