In my field of work we call them KGB regardless of the name...

Agent X - April 19 2011, 9:00 AM

In my field of work we call them KGB regardless of the name change.

Above statement shows that you work the CIA probably as in informant, or informer or a CIA dog.
Do you have four legs instead of two.
Sweet Miki might need a four legs like you under his desk to play compas on his saxophone while he is at his desk trying to teach Clinton how to play Monica Loweski's harmonica in C bemol and in D major.

If you are a four legged, I will charge you even more money to teach you intelligence work. Ask your degenerate master for more money before contacting me. I have a sensitive scale; make sure that you bring me one pound of $ 100 bills, very dry, brand new because I don't have time to count money one by one.
Have your wife, girlfriends,and daughters to call me for face to face interview ASAP.

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Agent X, machande poisson are people too,jackass. If...


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Agent x,I have only three legs the one in the middle...

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