Agent x, I have only three legs the one in the middle is...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - April 19 2011, 10:47 AM

Agent x, I have only three legs the one in the middle is already for your mother :).

As for my daugther she is somewere in the persian gulf or the Pacific on a Navy ship i hope you understand, you can figure this one out very easy cause you claims that your IQ is in the max. (she have plenty of cocks around, if you want your turn, you can start swimming now maybe in a few days you can reach her to enjoy youself too) :).

I don't have girlfriends, i only have my wife and i respect her, that's mean i don't play around.Your mom will be my first bitch.

For the record i don't think you can handle my wife unless you invite me too, that's mean you will need one hand to block your asshole from me if you are not faggot.

My friend if you never experience an orgy stay away from my wife.

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In my field of work we call them KGB regardless of...


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