There is hope and we must continue to fight hard. Micky will...

Toulimen Legrand - April 23 2011, 12:16 AM

There is hope and we must continue to fight hard. Micky will sign many contracts in the days ahead with other Latin American countries and jobs will be created my friend.

All the contracts that Preval signed with Brazil and Venezuela will be implemented under Michel's administration because he has the support of the Haitian people and the economic sector as well. I ask him to be very careful while restoring the army in Haiti.

I told him that we need a protection force and not an army to make Haiti more dependent toward any imperialistic countries.

Believe me all those contracts earlier mentioned would be implemented with Micky.The United States will have to deal now with Haiti as an independent country and not its own backyard.

We are free people living in an independent country and we will not become any unincorporated territory of any imperialistic country like GUAM and Puerto Rico to name a few. Met blog sa a se tchioul CIA se pou salopri a di yo sa. Nou se peyi lib e nou dwe fout gran moun lakay nou! Kenbe la fem tande! Viktwa se pou nou!

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Toulimen,mon che'e choz di choz ap fet kan min'm...


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