Mr. Makanda, The people are not against Ex-President Aristide...

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. - April 24 2011, 5:23 PM

Mr. Makanda, The people are not against Ex-President Aristide, against a man that will set you on fire under his tire for not accepting him to be president.

You are sounding like an Honest man, Duvalier had done wrong to your family; then presented your case to be heard, surely they will hear you.

Don't try to be much Aristide against your people.

Aristide will sell you as his fanatism just to retain power.

I will put my life in the line for any man that stands for Haiti, brothers, and sisters.

The Haitian People realized their mistake and swear not to repeat it again.

Makanda, save your life; leave your Aristide with the devil.


Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr.

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The following picture and article will tell you more...


Stanley Lucas Et Les Occupants De Chez Nous

Je me rappelle quand Stanley Lucas avaient appeles l'Armee Francaise a refouler le sol Haitien pour deloger Aristide...

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